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Author Topic: Why modern businesses prefer dynamic websites over static sites?  (Read 914 times)


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The internet has undergone remarkable changes in the past few years and so has the demand for better and technologically advanced websites. Static and dynamic websites have both been equally preferred by business owners but in recent times, dynamic sites have increased in favor.  Both dynamic and static web design have their benefits and disadvantages. Letís take a look at what they are. Static websites are mainly used by businesses who aim to provide information regarding the products and services they have to offer. The information featured in the website does not change over time. The content does not change form unless any new information is added to the server. Dynamic websites, on the other hand, feature dynamic content which is likely to undergo change over time. The index pages of these websites display the content incorporated most recently. Dynamic websites offer user targeted content. This means that not everyone will have access to the same kind of content.

Static websites are easier and less expensive to build because they are coded using CSS and HTML. On the other hand, itís quite difficult and expensive to build dynamic websites since complex languages like PHP, ASP etc. are used for coding. Static webpages offer flexibility in design so that you can change the layout of each page to match the content included in it.  In dynamic web design , the web developer is required to work with a single template in which data and content is incorporated to build multiple pages of a similar type. So, all your website pages will sport the same look.