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Author Topic: Wellingborough Hidden Treasures!  (Read 1617 times)


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Wellingborough Hidden Treasures!
« on: June 26, 2011, 09:00:45 PM »
I spent 2 whole years studying at the local college in Wellingborough and pretty much most lunchtimes we would wander off down the town just for something to do and I never knew what Hidden Treasures were right under our noses!

There's a great little pocket-park called Croyland Park which is on the site of the old Wellingborough Zoo...

There's a small wooded area that you can enjoy a short walk around and there's plenty of places for you to sit and have your lunch here.

There's even the remains of a Tomb here:

Further up from the Tomb is the Wellingborough Tithe Barn which was built in approx 1400 A.D. where the local peasantry paid their rents etc.

The Tithe Barn (unlike a lot of others) is not in a ruinous state and is in fact still in use by Wellingborough Council today so is in excellent condition.

So if you fancy a bit of shopping in a placed steeped in history then why not pop along to Wellingborough and enjoy these Hidden Treasures?

For more Hidden Treasures take a look at my personal website here: www.ketrin.co.uk/category/hidden-treasures



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